Stellar Keyword Search

Roughly half of all visitors to your online store use the search bar to find the products they are looking for. We like to say that keyword search is the way your customers talk to you. Optemo's adaptive search technology lets you hear what they want to say and answer in a friendly and appropriate way.

Optemo's team has conducted extensive research to develop industry-leading search functionality including auto-complete, related search, failed search, and keyword search with integrated faceted navigation.


  • Automatic spell-check: Optemo leverages current and previous searches on your website and mobile applications to return relevant results for every query.

    Provides suggestions when the query is likely to be misspelled. Optemo keyword search can automatically take advantage of a list of common synonyms for items in your product catalog to provide a superior search experience. This list of synonyms adapts over time and can be configured by your e-commerce team.

  • Auto-complete: Optemo leverages current and previous searches on your website and mobile applications to return results for every query.

  • Related Searches and related categories: Related search functionality gives users relevant suggestions for search terms that have not yet come to their minds. This feature expands the user experience by giving users additional search terms they can use to browse your online store and discover items they did not even know they needed.

  • Failed Searches: If an item shoppers search for is not available on your online store, Optemo provides a relevant list of alternative suggestions drawn from purchasing data and configurable by your e-commerce team.

  • Customized ranking: Optemo's patent-pending Adaptation Engine learns from purchasing behaviours across multiple channels. The software then ranks products based on relevancy and allows your team to fine-tune rankings through the intuitive Merchant Resource Center. No IT support or technical expertise required!

  • Product Families: Products often come in different sizes, colors or models. Once a relationship is defined between two or more SKUs, a product family appears in the search results for a uniform search experience.

  • Promotions: promote items, content or marketing messages easily with promotion capabilities that can be pre-scheduled and targeted for queries or pre-defined behaviours.

  • Attribute boosting: Boost specific products or group of products by any product attribute or search behaviour through the┬áMerchant Resource Center. Since the MRC is closely integrated with your analytics solutions, you can monitor the the performance of your boosting and fine tune your merchandizing strategies to obtain the best results, all in the same place.